Virtual Riot Turns A Lamborghini Into An EDM Track

A guitar is a guitar. It can take many shapes, but the basic idea of strings and frets remains consistent whether it’s acoustic, electric, or virtual. EDM, and synthesizers more specifically, are different. Any sound can become any other sound, and that’s why it can often be so fun to create music from nothing; that same characteristic can also make it challenging when you have so many sounds to choose from.

Thankfully, if you have an idea in mind, you can set out to make it a reality. For instance, turning car exhaust noises into bass synths. Disciple artist Virtual Riot, with help from Barely Alive, Dodge & Fuski, and Eliminate, set out to actually make it happen. Of course, it doesn’t go perfectly. The idea, I guess, was to sample exhaust from super cars. But Willie brings his Toyota, and Val brings… a skateboard? Even then, Virtual Riot is still able to show off his skill in Ableton and Serum.

Check it all out below and marvel at both the comedic chops and musical talent of the Disciple team.