Vinyl Skin Is the Latest Skin Care Trend to Go Viral

Skin care trends are popping up everywhere. From yoga skin to glass skin to dewy dumpling skin, we’ve tried them all. But this season’s hottest craze is vinyl skin. Created by celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, it’s all about a breathable yet super glossy base.

Hughes, who works with Ashley Graham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, is famous for her sleek, glassy glow-up looks. She’s also a big believer in healthy, hydrated, au naturel looks and even spearheaded a campaign celebrating real skin textures. The makeup artist’s vinyl skin strategy involves highlighting healthy skin so you’ll need to invest in some new skin care products to get the look.

“The word vinyl makes me think of plastic, Kim Kardashian dresses, that latex dress and hyper-glossy makeup, but then I wanted to bring it into an elegant, chic space,” Hughes told Glamour U.K. But vinyl skin is not about looking flawless — it’s about making peace with your skin flaws, pores and all.