Vintage Fashion Trends Are Still Trending In 2022

A visit to Grandma’s house is always a good idea every now and then. Aside from her fantastic cooking and smothering, her wardrobe is another reason to adore her. When you see that waistcoat or print scarf that your favorite designer just debuted at fashion week in Grandma’s wardrobe, you’ll realize that fashion is cyclical. Certain vintage fashion trends are still making waves in 2022, as expected.

In the world of fashion, there isn’t much that is new. Fashion trends come and go, just like people, but the good news is that you can count on them to return at some point during your life. That’s exactly what these vintage fashion trends are all about. They’ve become a staple in every woman’s wardrobe for the most part, and for the most part, they’ve never really left.


The waistcoat isn’t just for the uppity waiter at a fancy restaurant or the gentleman at a formal event. I came across a waistcoat while decluttering a few years ago, and I wish my sixth sense had told me to keep it a little longer. This vintage piece is back like it never left, thanks to celebrities and fashion influencers who effortlessly rock these vests.

Print Scarves

This vintage trend is causing a fashion tsunami, which means that everyone (including their grandmothers) is about to be swept away. Print scarves may be all that’s needed to complete the look. For that extra-ness, tie it around your head, neck, or even your favorite solid-colored handbag.

Slip Dress

We began as underwear and have progressed to where we are now. The silk body-flattering, effortless slip dress [yes, they’re all of that and more] is back in style. This timeless piece has survived from Marilyn Monroe’s closet to the present day. You could wear it as a full-fledged dress to an evening cocktail party or layer it over a turtleneck top for a millenial chic look.


Knitwear is making a comeback this Spring, and we’re welcoming it with arms wide open––a little dramatic, but you get the idea. This 1960s vintage trend has been resurrected with a modern twist. Layer it over a dress or simply throw it on and pair it with denim for a breezy, laid-back look.

Interesting Collars

This interesting collar trend, which can range from chelsea to peter pan, mandarin to bishop, and every exciting collar in between, has nothing on you. It can be worn on its own or layered. But I have to say, layering is the way to go! Do you believe layered looks aren’t for you? Consider it once more––this time for a long time. If you missed out on rocking this look in the 1970s, 2022 is your chance.