Vintage Culture Delivers ‘Vintage Culture & Friends 3’ via ONErpm

After bringing fans worldwide a captivating remix of Maverick Sabre & Jorja Smith’s “Slow Down,” Vintage Culture aims to continue his hot streak of releases with his brand new Vintage Culture & Friends 3, out now via ONErpm.

A proud member of Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 list, Vintage Culture (real name Lukas Ruiz) is one of the most influential Brazilian artists of his generation. Revered for his ability to dissolve the geographic and regional barriers that exist in modern music, Vintage Culture stays true to boundary breaking form in his Vintage Culture & Friends 3. A sonic showcase of the Brazilian powerhouses various strengths, Vintage Culture flexes his unique style while simultaneously breaking the mold. Each track on the EP boasts a stunning lyric video. A journey outside of typical comfort, Vintage Culture & Friends 3 solidifies the producers legacy as a powerful authority in club music around the world.

“I created ‘Vintage Culture & Friends 3’ with my friends in music, Gabe, KVSH, Dashdot and Meca. They have joined me with the sole intention of making you Dance, and to help you forget the world for a while. We had a great time creating this music. Someday, when this is all behind us, we’ll be dancing together to these songs at our favorite parties. Strange times are upon us. And though we may sometimes feel alone, we’re in this together. We await reuniting with our friends and loved ones, we await dancing together, singing together – creating new memories with our best friends. Until that day – stay safe, stay hopeful, and be grateful for the friends in your life.” – Vintage Culture

Stream Vintage Culture & Friends 3 here, or check it out below on Spotify. Make sure to stay tuned for more Vintage Culture news throughout the rest of 2020.