Victoria Beckham’s Posh New Beauty Brand Drops This Saturday


Victoria Beckham is a bit of a tease. For months, the pop star turned designer has been dropping hints via Instagram about her eponymous beauty line. Now, with her latest teaser, Victoria has finally set a date for its release and it’s sooner than you think.

Victoria Beckham Beauty launches this Saturday, September 14. The new brand will be all about clean beauty and cruelty-free. It also promises to be inclusive so we’re expecting a pretty expansive range of shades. Products will reportedly be affordable, well, at least by luxury standards. And you know your skin will be in good hands since Victoria tapped former Estée Lauder executive Sarah Creal to serve as CEO.

We’re still unsure which types of products Victoria Beckham Beauty has to offer, but if the flashy metallic eyeshadow in one of the Instagram posts is any indication, they’re going to be just as posh as the brand’s founder.