Victoire de Castellane’s signature Mismatched earrings at the core of Tie & Dior fine jewellery

Inspired by the designs and chromatic palette of tie-dye, creative director of Dior Jewellery Victoire de Castellane created the Tie & Dior fine jewellery collection. A maximalist, colour rich creation encompassing over 100 pieces, the new Tie & Dior fine jewellery greatly enhances the universe of the Gem Dior and Dior et Moi lines by blending abstract forms with vibrant colours.

“I really started with the play of colour in tie-dye,” – Creative director of Dior Jewellery Victoire de Castellane

The Tie & Dior fine jewellery collection is itself an exercise of charming whimsy and an expression of artisanal textile dyeing technique reinterpreted on jewellery. de Castellane embellishes couture silhouettes in Dior’s women’s collections, ably designed by Dior’s creative director Maria Grazia Chuiri – paying tribute, more than ever, to Monsieur Dior and the inventiveness of Dior Joaillerie.

Mesmerising emeralds contrasted with alluring sapphires, accompanied by Tahitian and Australian pearls, de Catellane explains that, “The images that came to mind were mainly of spots spreading out like on blotting paper. It’s also a game of movement with bright colours whose contrasts are interrupted by diamonds. I thought it would be rather amusing to connect it to couture and fabrics.”

Abstracted to jewels, Tie & Dior injects optimism much like how rival jewellers have been wont to do in recent days – a bejewelled panacea in the manner akin to print on a delicate fabric or the subtle trail of ink on blotting paper. de Castellane penchant for mismatched earrings takes a myriad of round, oval, pear and marquise cuts, all highlighted and complementing various gradations of colour from pink to white, and green to grey, blending a number of exceptional stones in different sizes that magnify figures of style, the new Dior fine jewellery collection makes effective use of muse and medium.

New Dior fine jewellery collection: effective use of Muse and Medium

Pushing the art of realism to the extreme, Victoire de Castellane uses lines of diamonds and gemstones in gradations of colour like punctuation, lending rhythm to necklaces, bracelets, double rings and asymmetrical earrings. On the back of the parures, platinum, white, yellow and pink gold come together to reinvent hypnotic plays of colour, reflecting the House’s sense of detail and excellence.

Prior to the Tie & Dior fine jewellery collection’s reveal in Shanghai, de Castellane had met with Dior’s creative director Maria Grazia Chuiri during a spectacular soiree within a mythic faerie garden to discuss her inspiration and Chuiri’s dress designs where they mutually decided on, “non-multicoloured shades. In fact, it is one colour in graded shades.”

Tie & Dior is the first time that de Castellane has significantly used pearls in her 20 years at Dior. The Artistic Director gives pearls a new twist, setting them off-center on certain pieces, using their classical spirit to enhance the intensity of rubies, sapphires, emeralds and grey spinels with their natural, silky lustre. The new Dior fine jewellery collection is an audacious, free-spirited composition expresses a new facet of Victoire de Castellane’s creative streak, and the unique, boundless savoir-faire in the Dior jewellery Ateliers.