Vice Carter has released his incredible 15th mix-tape ‘Art of Wu II’ with some exquisite hip hop songs

Vice Carter has shown his flamboyance with the impressive rap numbers in the mix-tape ‘Art of Wu II’. It is an ode to the very popular rap band ‘Wu-Tang Clan’.

Vice Carteris a magnificent singer who has come up with his latest mixtape in the genre of hip hop. The mix-tape which is called Art of Wu II is a tribute to the very famous rap group called Wu-Tang Clan. The singer is a childhood follower of this band. The mix-tap which is a sequel to ‘Art of Wu’ has got twenty-five songs in all that has stunned the audience. Some of the popular numbers from the mix-tape are ‘Northside Gem’s’, ‘Theme Music To Season 6 Of The Wire’, ‘Black Jesus’, ‘Gucci Dapper Dan Bookbang’ and ‘Kate Barlow’. You can log on to the Facebook profile of the singer to check out some interesting posts.

In the tracks from the tape Art of Wu II by Vice Carter there is a stunning hook. The songs have a slice of funk and refreshing groove. The ravishing rap tunes are flabbergasting with elements of fusion. The first edition of the prequel to this mixtape started its journey at the ‘God of Blue 2 Tour’ in August 2016. The tape was given to 9 fans who gave fantastic reviews which made it an instant success all over. You could log on to popular music streaming apps like Soundcloud to his splendid songs.

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