Vibrant Summer 2024 Nail Trends: Say Goodbye to Dull Nails!

No more subdued nails this summer! Spring’s influence has transitioned our nail aesthetics from soft, neutral tones that complement delicate floral patterns and pastel palettes. Barely-there pinks, subtly shimmering nudes, and sheer whites defined the understated elegance of the season.


Photo: @nailartbychlo/Instagram

As summer unfolds, it’s time to abandon those muted shades in favor of something bold and vibrant. When the sun blazes and festivities abound, dull nails simply won’t suffice. This summer demands nails as lively as beach towels and as captivating as starlit fire dancers. Prepare to contact your nail technician because these designs are set to make your summer unforgettable.

Explore these top nail trends for summer 2024…

Fruity Delights:

Photo: @betina_goldstein/Instagram

What better way to embody summer than with nails adorned in juicy, tempting hues of kiwi, strawberry, orange, and lime? Imagine 3D textures bringing these fruity shades to life on oval or almond-shaped nails. From lemon nails dusted with sugar to watermelon designs complete with seeds, each nail promises to be as refreshing as a tropical smoothie.

Best for: Pool parties, beach outings, barbecues

Glitters and Metallics:

Photo: @memnails/Instagram

When the evening arrives, it’s time to shimmer like a gem. Chrome and glittering metallic nails are all the rage, whether in cool silvers and gunmetals or warm rose golds and coppers. Pair these radiant shades with square or coffin-shaped nails and add bursts of gemstone studs or cosmic glitter for a dazzling night out.

Best for: Vegas getaways, nightclubs, high-energy parties

Summer Florals:

Photo: @scratchmagazine/Instagram

Inspired by the brightness of wildflowers, summer nails can bloom with daisies, sunflowers, and poppies. Long almond or stiletto nails serve as the perfect canvas for hand-painted flowers or intricate 3D designs. Base colors like buttercream yellow or sky blue allow floral accents to shine.

Best for: Garden parties, music festivals, farmers markets

Starry Nights:


Photo: @lesmainscelestes/Instagram

Capture the magic of summer nights with nails featuring dark blue or black bases adorned with metallic moons, stars, and constellations. Opt for galaxy nails swirling with deep purples and blues, or go for sophisticated lunar designs with negative space. Accent nails can feature oversized stars for added drama.

Best for: Camping trips, bonfires, outdoor movies

Color Blocking:

Photo: @heygreatnails/Instagram

Embrace bold contrasts with graphic color-blocking on nails. Whether it’s red and yellow, pink and green, or blue and lavender, matte finishes evoke a beachy, carefree vibe. Perfect for shorter, rounded nails that embody playful summer spirit.

Best for: Relaxing summer days, picnics, outdoor concerts

Shades of Pink:



Neon brights and vibrant fuchsias dominate this summer’s pink nail trends. Coffin or stiletto shapes showcase color-shifting multi-chrome effects that transition from hot pink to lavender. Add shimmering rose gold accents for a touch of luxury and summer sass.

Best for: Bachelorette parties, Miami beach trips, rooftop cocktails

Purple Allure:

Photo: @memnails/Instagram

For a blend of edge and glamour, opt for bold purples like lilac, lavender, or deep royal shades. Stiletto or coffin nails offer ample space for gradient effects or intricate details like crystals and shimmers, perfect for sultry summer evenings.

Best for: Gothic weddings, nighttime festivals, intimate gatherings

Sun and Clouds:


Photo: @mydumbnails/Instagram

Bring the sunny skies to your nails with azure bases adorned with cheerful clouds in white, gray, and yellow. Short, round nails can feature minimalist clouds, while longer nails allow for intricate scenes complete with sun rays and rainbows, capturing the whimsy of summer.

Best for: Family gatherings, theme park visits, children’s events

This summer, say goodbye to dull nails and embrace designs that reflect the vibrancy and joy of the season. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or dancing the night away, your nails will be the perfect accessory to complement the summer heat and your personal style.