Vibe Out To RL Grime’s ‘NOVA Pure’ Instrumental Album [LISTEN]

RL Grime‘s latest body of work has just released in its purest form. NOVA Pure contains all the makings of the original NOVA album, all in instrumental form. Needless to say, it’s simply exquisite. NOVA landed as one of our Top Albums of 2018, coming in at No. 2. Boasting collaborations with Jeremih & Tory Lanez, Miguel, Julia Michaels, Chief Keef, Ty Dolla $ign, Daya, 24hrs and more, the record took on multiple musical dispositions, track-by-track. As a strictly instrumental release, the vibe changes up drastically. Lose the lyrics, strip back the vocal layers, and it’s amazing to hear the intricacies in RL Grime’s produced work. The gaps are filled in with elements that might have gone unnoticed before.

RL Grime previously spoke about the meaning behind this album:

NOVA came from obsessive ideation on growth, and on transition. The art, and stories, and the moments that inspired me through this record tend to explore this as well. The feeling of leaving behind what was, and of welcoming the foreign. Throughout the process I had this vision of a “nova”, or of a star no bigger than a person launching from earth into outer space and expanding endlessly until its light was all that we could see. That’s the feeling I get from these records, infinite light.

Listen to NOVA Pure below and let your mind roam free.

RL Grime – NOVA Pure

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