Verge Motorcycles Challenges Industry Boundaries of Design and Functionality With The TS Motor

Consistently challenging industry boundaries of design and functionality, Finland-based Verge Motorcycles has prided themselves in staying ahead of the curve, crafting electric builds that stand-out at every turn. Opting for a futuristic hubless rear wheel design, the debut motor, dubbed ‘Verge TS’, not only eliminates the use of oil, but also a belt or chain drive, effectively widening its frame to accommodate a 80kW electric motor and battery pack. Producing up to 1000 Nm of torque, this roadster speeds up to a minimum of 180 km/h, facilitating the easy change of tires using conventional tools and quick on-board charging – achieving full charge in under 4 hours and DC charging within a mere 45 to 50 minutes.

Boasting a powerful and care-free riding experience, the Verge TS is worth a minimum €24,990, featuring a distinct, lightweight, aluminum frame, alongside 200 to 300 km of carefree riding in its range. Currently available for preorder with a minimum deposit of €2,000, Verge Motorcycles is expected to begin large-scale manufacturing once E.U. approval has been confirmed.