Vent out your worries for a moment with the new EDM number ‘Lose Control’ by B. Howard

The new track ‘Lose Control’ by the upcoming artist B. Howard takes us to a different world to shake the worries off our shoulders and make life less heavy.

The population has deemed this year as one of the worst times on this planet as our lives are no longer safe if we step outside our sweet comforting homes during such a gruesome pandemic, yet the popular EDM artist B. Howard finds a way to put back a staggering smile on everyone’s face with a scintillating dance number titled ‘Lose Control to bring an amazing experience that you never felt before at your ‘very own home’. He immediately fell under a lucky star with the release of the new single few weeks ago, getting a big break to make a solid ground in the fluctuating musical scene of 2020 for many reasons. He is at the top of the world with the whizz-bang sell of the new record but the success means nothing to him without the well-being of his huge fan base.

B. Howard encourages everyone to join the event he has organized only to ease the pain and difficulties during such a hard time. The huge number of followers around the world is the string of motivation that keeps his music attached to his fans. The whole world is in turmoil due to the deadly effects of Coronavirus. In such a horrifying onset, he brings the perfect antidote to your dry mood with the latest groovy song ‘Lose Control’ that takes you to a parallel dimension where things are brighter and written in outstripped melodies. He doesn’t only help the melophiles with a sound of peppy tempo and sunshine lyrics but also has come forward to help the world by hosting a donation event to support “RWCH COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund” where he will contribute 25% of the sales that come from buying an exclusive range of products that are available for the Loose Control Event organized to help in COVID-19 pandemic, from 4/7/2020 to 5/31/2020. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram for further details.