VASSY Unleashes High-Octane Energy with New Single and Music Video, “Krazy”

Hailing from the tranquil landscapes of Darwin, Australia, while resonating with the pulsating rhythm of Los Angeles’ music scene, VASSY is more than just a musician; she’s an anthem creator. Her exceptional talent for crafting unforgettable melodies and narrating captivating stories shines brilliantly as she unveils her latest musical gem, “Krazy,” now available under the esteemed Spinnin’ Records, a proud partner of the Warner Music Group.

VASSY’s music holds a universal appeal, reaching out to audiences worldwide. Her electrifying performances have left their mark, whether in the dynamic arenas of Coachella and Ultra Music Festival or through the airwaves that connect music aficionados across the globe.

With “Krazy,” VASSY truly stands out, fusing intense energy with soul-stirring vocals. She describes the song as “cathartic chaos,” an empowering anthem that reflects her triumphs over professional obstacles. This release closely follows her recent chart-topping dance hit, “Pieces,” and the global sensation “Bad,” which dominated charts in over 30 countries and amassed an astonishing 2 billion streams.

In her collaboration with Spinnin’ Records, VASSY embarks on a mission to redefine conventions. This partnership signifies a new beginning, with a plethora of songs poised to highlight her musical evolution, proving that a solo journey can still deliver a knockout punch. Adding an extra layer of excitement, the release of “Krazy” is complemented by a groundbreaking music video, a testament to VASSY’s unyielding determination to challenge the status quo.

In conclusion, VASSY’s “Krazy” is not just a song; it’s an electrifying declaration of artistic prowess and a harbinger of her unstoppable musical journey. As she continues to push boundaries and inspire with her music, her fans eagerly await the thrilling chapters yet to come.