Valentino Khan Gathers An All-Star Cast For His New “pkg ” EP

With festival season quickly approaching, DJ Valentino Khan has released his latest EP, “pkg”, which includes collaborations with DJ/Producer Eptic, production group Psycho Boys Club, and rapper Lil Jon. Khan is preparing to make a major statement at the next festival season with a trio of new songs that will release any pent-up energy from his confinement.

Khan sought the assistance of DJ Eptic and rapper Lil Jon for “Bloodbath”, which has an assertive oomph that will astonish fans and cause chaos on the dance floor. “Bloodbath” begins with Lil Jon’s signature harsh lyrics, which fit beautifully with the track’s unyielding techno beat. DJ Eptic’s Belgian musical style matches Khan’s creative energy, resulting in a very exciting festival anthem for fans. Finally, “pkg”, a three-track EP, delivers a forceful punch of undeniable musical brilliance.

Listen to the “pkg” EP here.