Valentino Khan Drops Hilarious Music Video In Support Of New Single “Pony” [WATCH]

We can always count on Valentino Khan for the most hilarious music videos — and his latest in support of his new single, “Pony,” is most definitely a ride! Here’s the rundown… A cult-like group of older women stumble upon a magnificent pony. Things get weird, and then weirder as Valentino himself makes a cameo that leads the music video into the great unknown. Striking shots and wild imagination guide their surreal journey as “Pony” plays out in the background. If the music video leaves you wondering what you just watched… Well, mission accomplished.

With “Pony,” Valentino Khan delivers a severe dose of booty-shaking bass house. The drop is dirty, the bounce is undeniable, and the g-house influence is unstoppable. Little quirks, like sound clips of a horse’s hooves, remind us that despite being a master producer, Khan never takes himself, or anything too seriously. The music video agrees. Watch here and enjoy!

Valentino Khan – Pony (Official Music Video)