Usher and Ella Mai Drop The Magical Duet ‘Don’t Waste My Time’

After lending his soulful vocals to Summer Walker’s “Come Thru,” which draws inspiration from his own hit song, “You Make Me Wanna,” living R&B legend Usher returns with another heartfelt duet. This time around, Usher teams with breakout R&B sensation Ella Mai for “Don’t Waste My Time,” which samples Hi-Five’s 90’s classic, “I Like the Way (The Kissing Game).”

On “Don’t Waste My Time,” produced by Jermaine Dupri and Bryan-Michael Cox with lyric contribution from Vedo, Usher and Ella delivery blissful and heartstrings-pulling vocals that’s ripe for the cuffin’ season. Their chemistry is undeniable!

“You got a motive, and I think I like it / I know all your, in-se-curities / I hope that you’re open / My body gives notice / And I want your, en-er-gy, girl gimme that,” Usher declares.

Ella adds, “I know you wanna, go there / I see it, stop frontin’, come here / I know you can drive it, chauffeur / Anticipate your touch down / Put me down like right now / Let’s be lovers and friends / Let’s rendezvous / Boy, I got plans for you.”

We’re definitely vibing to their magic!

Usher is readying his next studio album, “Confessions 2,” the sequel to game-changing ‘Confessions’ projet.

Check out “Don’t Waste My Time” below: