Urban Decay Dracarys Lip & Cheek Stain Review & Swatches


Urban Decay Dracarys Lip & Cheek Stain is a sheer, medium red with cooler undertones with no shimmer. It’s designed to be sheer and to work as a stain on lips and cheeks. The brand recommended getting a drop or two on a fingertip and then using a fingertip to apply, which worked well enough. I highly recommend using this over bare skin for the most even application that won’t lift foundation up, as trying it over base products like concealer/foundation resulted in a very patchy, uneven application and foundation that was missing in places. The texture is very thin and watery, so a little could spread a good bit on cheeks and built up as desired.

I find application with fingertips–in general–to be a little too imprecise on lips, and this has a very quick dry-down on lips that it can be hard to spread it out evenly. The stained effect and intensity of the color came through most noticeably on my lips as a lip stain, but I could feel it shrinking as it dried down on my lips. It emphasized every bit of texture I had on my lips, and I could feel it sucking the life out of my lips. My lips were peeling slightly after four hours of wear (and the stain lasted just a bit longer than that before wearing down noticeably)–it was so, so drying.