Upcoming Hip-hop Artist Wayz’s New Album ‘Machine’ is Hip-hop’s Most Outspoken Contemporary Expression

Upcoming hip-hop artist Wayz is introducing the audience scope with the best instinctive genre deconstructions in his newly released album, ‘Machine’.


The ability of hip-hop to stand against the sublimity of superficial virtues and bring to the table the originality of outspokenness has always been appreciated by the creative world. Upcoming hip-hop artist Wayz has formulated a soundscape of lyrical clarity that tells the sagas of those elements in life that do not find a way of expression. His newly released album ‘Machine’ is a striking thematic outbreak that not only criticizes the current legacy of reality encryption but also leads the audience to find their interpretations of being. ‘Machine’ consists of 11 hard-hitting tracks like ‘On God’, ‘No Choice’, ‘Play wit’ it’, and ‘Dope Hole’ that render the album as the best conveyance of real stories, monotony, depression, interpersonal dilemmas and above all, optimism.

The album is Wayz’s independent impetus that is paving the path of something bigger with more elements of acknowledgment and accomplishment. ‘Machine’ depicts the weariness of everyday shenanigans that compels a person to fall into a cycle of existence without the essence of emotions and feelings. This album can be called a contemplation that helps audiences realize their own mental coercions and find answers to their individualistic closures. Take a gander at this stupendous and colossal stream of melodic, lyrical, and creative amalgamation on Instagram, YouTube, and his official website.

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