Upcoming Hip-hop Artist B is Creating a Captivating Web of Trap Infused Tunes in His Single ‘Picasso’

The contemporary deconstructions of rap and hip-hop are being beautifully enriched into lyrical goals by rapper from Iowa B. He has laid the foundation of a musical pursuit through his soundscape in such a way that he has defined the cultural importance of lyrics with renewed vigor. He recently came out with his single, ‘Picasso’ which has hit my conscious space and compelled me to reorganize the value of life and existence. Talking about the vulnerabilities and hardships of life, he has formed a thematic module with some of the most intense and significant word patterns out there. The song also utilizes the virtues of contemporary trap deconstructions that beautifully resonate with the intensity of hip-hop coordinates in his songs.

Hailing from Polk City, Iowa, Braden Hoksbergen who goes by his stage name B is creating a lyrical eccentricity with his musical purposes. ‘Picasso’ is a passionate take on experiences that make each person’s life meaningful and valuable. Talking about indispensable struggles of life, it is as if he has created a scope for respite for his audience. Some of his other songs that establish his creative abilities include ‘Sleep Deprived’, ‘USED TO IT’, and ‘DIPLOMACY’. Be a part of this lyrical saga by following his work on Soundcloud, Instagram, and Twitter.

Listen to this track below