Upcoming Chicago Rapper RealYungG’s New Release ‘Simba’s Pride’ is a Cultural and Lyrical Boost

The creative caricature in upcoming Chicago rapper RealYungG’s new release ‘Simba’s Pride’ has set a standard for the contemporary characteristics of hip-hop.

Hip-hop’s creative sustainability has introduced the spectrum to the captivating and creative intricacies of upcoming artist RealYungG. He is setting his goals of reform through his soundscape that manifests the best relatable saga in the backdrop of thematic changes. His newly released song ‘Simba’s Pride’ corresponds to everything that he stands for defining his ability to modulate his sound in a strikingly audible pleasure for his audience. With a legacy of music practices that goes back to when he was just 9, his soundscape constitutes not just creative flavors but also his unadulterated conviction brimming through the length of the song’s progression. With conspicuous traces of soulful melodies set in complement with the rhythmic intensity of hip-hop, ‘Simba’s Pride’ is a game-changer of both personal and general circumstances. Hailing his fans as his biggest inspirational impetus of musical deconstruction, he is well ahead of his plan to bring the world a taste of the best hip-hop essence.

The Chicago rapper Greg Collins Jr. has found extensive exposure into the world of music owing to his parents that eventually flourished into an album release along with a fleet of commendable song sculptures. Some of RealYungG’s songs that have helped him gain notoriety in the scope of global hip-hop include ‘Make It Happen’, ‘Rise and Fall’, ‘Slimed Out’, and ‘One Night’ among many others. He is accredited for his affiliations with production houses GCS ENT and his brainchild, YGN (Yung Greatness Nation) Gang ENT while retaining his pose as an independent artist. His upcoming project Mixed Emotions 3 that will further push his creative instincts to reach a bigger musical undertaking. Follow him on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and more to be a part of this hip-hop consciousness.