Up Close And Personal: Top Models Imaan Hammam And Caroline Trentini Transform Into 8 Vogue Editors

In an “Up Close And Personal” shoot with photographer Ethan James Green for Vogue US May 2020 issue, Dutch-Moroccan-Egyptian model Imaan Hammam and Brazilian model Caroline Trentini are transformed into eight Vogue US Editors. For the Up Close & Personal series, the models who were styled by Tonne Goodman, had their hair done by Jimmyu Paul and makeup by Kanoko as they transformed into Vogue Editors Akili King, Alex Jordan Harrington, Chioma Nnadi, Jasmine Contomichalos, Jessica Nichols, Lilah Ramzi, Madeline Swanson and Naomi Elizée.

Check out stunning images from the shoot…

Imaan Hammam

Vogue editor up close and personal Ethan James Imaan Hammam

As Vogue’s Fashion News Director, Chioma Nnadi

Chioma Nnadi

It felt like kismet when Chioma Nnadi, Vogue’s digital fashion news director, found a trove of vintage Jean Paul Gaultier on eBay a few years ago. “I had been looking at old Gaultier shows of the early-mid-’90s at the time—these were the collections I remember dreaming of as a teenager but couldn’t afford,” she explains. Then, as now, she was drawn to their joyfully madcap motif. “I think there’s always a patchwork effect going on with how I dress myself,” Chioma says. “I’m a magpie for prints, patterns, and textures, and these pieces reflect the random energy of the mix.”

Outfit: Chioma’s own vintage Jean Paul Gaultier mesh top. Tory Burch knit vest; toryburch.com. Chopova Lowena skirt; matchesfashion.com. Necklaces by Rogue Rose and Laruicci. Bangles by Stephen Dweck, Tiffany & Co., and Dinosaur Designs.

As Vogue’s Associate Market Editor, Naomi Elizée

Naomi Elizee

Seizing on its 1970s spirit, Naomi Elizee, an associate market editor, likes to match her vintage leather jacket with a flared pant (this one is by Rokh), a jumpsuit, or a short skirt and knee-high boots. “The jacket is very eclectic in its pattern, and while that is certainly my style,” she says, “I like to try out different aesthetics, depending on my mood.”

Outfit: Naomi’s vintage jacket, The Row turtleneck, Jennifer Fisher earrings, Bvlgari necklace, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini bag and Paco Rabanne boots.

Vogue editor up close and personal Ethan James Imaan Hammam

As Vogue’s Beauty Editorial Assistant, Akili King

Akili King

For Akili King, a beauty assistant and part-time DJ, a sense of freedom is the thing. “I love pieces that are formfitting but comfortable at the same time,” she says. “I hate feeling restricted, as I’m running around all day.” An Alexia Admor dress, sourced from Finn Vintage in Bushwick, is “super versatile,” Akili says, noting how well it works with a turtleneck and tights—or, as here on Hammam, with a Charlotte Knowles top and pants (both at doverstreetmarket.com)—in chillier months. And besides, she adds, “I love the warm color of the dress. I think (and hope) that warmth reflects the energy I exude in the world.”

“I love the warm color of the dress. I think (and hope) that warmth reflects the energy I exude in the world,” says Akili.

Outfit: Alexia Admor dress, Charlotte Knowles top and pants, earrings by SVNR and Leigh Miller and Jimmy Choo platform sandals.

As Vogue’s Director of Special Events, Jessica Nichols

Jessica Nichols

The go-to look of Jessica Nichols, Vogue’s special events director, blends the sweetly feminine with touches of streetwear—she often flits between wearing her favorite slit-leg pants, which she found at Forever 21 while a grad student on a budget (“I fell in love with them the moment I tried them on—so much so that I bought them in several colors,” she says) with a button-up blouse and dressing them down with a lacy camisole and slingbacks

Outfit: Shimmery Paco Rabanne floral chain-mail dress and slip dress worn underneath which play up Jessica’s love of prints and lay on a contrasting texture. Lana Jewelry earrings and Giuseppe Zanotti wedges.

Caroline Trentini

Vogue editor up close and personal Ethan James Caroline Trentini

As Vogue’s Fashion Editor and Stylist, Alex Jordan Harrington

Alex Harrington

Alex Harrington’s work uniform is simple: One part billowing Charvet shirt (“They fill almost an entire closet,” he admits), one part trousers, one part tennis shoes. As a stylist and contributing editor, he finds the consistency liberating—not to mention practical. “I often need to meet with Vogue editors, chat with a designer at their atelier, and catch up with a photographer all in the same day,” he says (an extra-large L.L. Bean tote is another staple). But function, to be sure, doesn’t preclude deep meaning. “The monograms on all of my bags are the initials of my sister, who died almost 10 years ago,” Harrington says.

“Clothing, at its best, can be emotional, cathartic, a way for us to connect. This is a way of carrying her with me always.”

Outfit: Proenza Schouler coat, Jil Sander pants, Harrington’s own Céline by Phoebe Philo necklace, L.L. Bean tote bag and Reebok sneakers.

As Vogue’s Features Editor, Lilah Ramzi

Lilah Ramzi

Possessed of the firm belief that a woman should dress “as though a young Richard Avedon were following her around Paris with a camera,” Lilah was perusing her favorite vintage shop in Brooklyn when she eyed an attractive scarlet jacket. “It was unlabeled, but given its shrunken proportions and diamanté button closures, I dated it to the late ’50s or early ’60s, which is an era I gravitate toward,” the features editor recalls. “I had to have her!” She likes to pair it with a period-appropriate silhouette, “something cinched at the waist and below the knee,” like this gingham dress from Dior—who, after all, was the one who invented the New Look.

Outfit: Gingham New Look dress by Dior, Agmes earring and Manolo Blahnik slingback pumps.

As Vogue’s Experiences Editor, Jasmine Rose Contomichalos

Jasmine Contomichalos

“My mother, an ex–British Vogue editor, saved a few special pieces for me over the years,” Contomichalos says, “and as luck would have it, we both have a penchant for ’60s and ’70s printed minidresses—and anything that comes as a set.” Cue the printed Issey Miyake sheath with matching pants (and a backpack) that recently came her way. In warmer weather, the Vogue experiences editor would style the dress with “big gold earrings and a chain belt”—but it’s just as fetching on Trentini under an oversize Dries Van Noten coat.

Outfit: Jasmine’s Issey Miyake sheath with matching pants, oversize Dries Van Noten coat, Lana Jewelry earrings, Cartier necklaces, Bracelets by Cartier, Tiffany & Co., and Mark Davis.

Vogue editor up close and personal Ethan James Caroline Trentini

As Vogue’s Accessories Editor, Madeline Swanson

Madeline Swanson

As an accessories editor, Swanson has a keen eye for all things mixable and matchable. Take this pleated wool skirt, for instance—picked up for $7 at a now-defunct vintage shop—which quickly became a mainstay of her fall and winter wardrobes. “Since the fabric is not too bulky, I like to play around with layering cotton turtlenecks, pristine white blouses, sweaters, blazers—and, most important, belts!” she says.

“I draw a great deal of inspiration from vintage photographs and films from the second half of the 20th century—and I love to use an outfit to create a unique character.”

In this case, the persona in question is a little bit Annie Oakley, a little bit Radcliffe undergrad.

Outfit: Michael Kors Collection blazer, The Row shirt, Clyde scarf, The M Jewelers locket necklace, W. Kleinberg belt, Ralph Lauren Collection bag and Stuart Weitzman boots.

Source: Vogue.com