Unveiling the Tiffany & Co. Advent Calendar

Tis the season to be giving! As New York’s first jeweler, Charles Lewis’ legacy and his brand remain forever intertwined with the city and its rise to an international epitome of glamour and sophistication. Its origins bring forth unique holiday traditions such as the annual unveiling of shop windows on Fifth Avenue and Fifty-seventh Street – marking the beginning of a magnanimous season. Spectators can always expect the unexpected, Tiffany & Co. is famous for showcasing enchanting scenarios from an orchestra of gold and enameled animals to champagne glasses balanced on a reindeer’s antlers, dazzling lightshows, snow pavilions and sleighs worthy of queens. So it seems, this is also a season for the imagination.

This year, our favorite American luxury jeweler, has not one, but four limited edition gifts for the world. The Ultimate Advent Calendar, eclipses all others. Arriving at your doorstep by method of £355 delivery, the Ultimate Advent Calendar is assembled in person by hand in what Tiffany & Co. call the “White Glove Service”. Designed by artist and illustrator Pat Vale, the four-foot-tall calendar was inspired by the company’s Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York. It features 24 shimmering gifts hidden in 24 drawers, one for every day of December!

Each drawer features an array of gifts, ranging from the most desirable products to unexpectedly witty everyday objects. The company’s official FAQ page details the contents of each drawer, including items such as a paper cup, sterling silver clothespin, a rocking horse and silver harmonica… Uhm Tiffany? We want diamonds too, OK?

If you make it through, the calendar reveals signature jewelry pieces dripped in diamonds, platinum and gold, PLUS perfume, candles and other delicate ornaments. With only two still available in the world, the UK version will be exclusively stocked at Harrods on 9th November. The calendar is priced at £104,000 (USD $112,000) with its contents valued between £100 and £13,000.