Unveiling Slim’s Latest Solo Masterpiece: “Gotta Have Faith”

It’s been a while since the world has experienced the captivating solo melodies of Slim, one of the illustrious members of the legendary R&B group, 112. While the dynamic duo of Slim and Mike continue to mesmerize audiences worldwide with their timeless hits during their exhilarating tours, fans have eagerly awaited a taste of Slim’s individual artistry.

Breaking the silence, Slim has graced us with his brand new single, titled “Gotta Have Faith.” This much-anticipated track features none other than former Bad Boy labelmate Faith Evans, alongside the incredibly talented Eric Bellinger. It marks Slim’s first solo release since his 2020 album, “112 Forever: Slim & Mike,” ensuring an unprecedented musical experience for listeners.

Exploring Slim’s New Single

  1. Reviving Solo Brilliance: “Gotta Have Faith”

With “Gotta Have Faith,” Slim expertly showcases his exceptional vocal range and captivating lyricism, reaffirming his position as an R&B powerhouse. The single’s magnetic allure stems from the seamless collaboration between Slim, Faith Evans, and Eric Bellinger, creating an unforgettable musical fusion that transcends boundaries.

  1. A Nod to Musical Heritage: Slim and Faith Evans

Slim’s decision to team up with former Bad Boy labelmate, Faith Evans, brings a touch of nostalgia to “Gotta Have Faith.” Both artists are widely recognized for their impactful contributions to the R&B genre, making their collaboration a momentous occasion for music enthusiasts worldwide. The combination of Slim’s velvety smooth vocals and Faith Evans’ soulful harmonies intertwines seamlessly, resulting in an auditory masterpiece.

  1. Enriching Harmonies: The Addition of Eric Bellinger

“Gotta Have Faith” takes on an even more enchanting dimension with the inclusion of Eric Bellinger. Known for his impeccable songwriting abilities and distinctive vocal style, Bellinger’s contribution adds depth and versatility to the track. The collective artistry displayed by these three remarkable talents is a testament to their dedication to delivering an unparalleled musical experience.


After an extended hiatus from his solo endeavors, Slim has made a triumphant return with his latest single, “Gotta Have Faith.” By collaborating with esteemed artists Faith Evans and Eric Bellinger, Slim has crafted a truly exceptional masterpiece that is sure to captivate audiences worldwide. With his soul-stirring vocals, profound lyricism, and unwavering passion for music, Slim once again asserts his rightful place among the R&B elite.

As fans eagerly embrace this musical revelation, it’s evident that “Gotta Have Faith” marks a significant milestone in Slim’s illustrious career. Prepare to be enthralled as you embark on a sonic journey, guided by the incomparable talents of Slim, Faith Evans, and Eric Bellinger. Brace yourself for a mesmerizing experience that reaffirms the timeless allure of R&B music, as Slim reclaims his rightful position at the forefront of the industry.