Unleashing the Sonic Storm: PhaseOne Unveils ‘Sounds Of Mayhem’ Label with an Explosive Bass & Metal Fusion Debut Compilation

PhaseOne, a prominent figure in the realm of cutting-edge music blending, has made an exciting announcement. Recognized as one of the most prominent names in the electronic music scene, this Australian DJ and producer has established a distinct and innovative niche for himself by seamlessly merging bass and metal genres. Now, taking his dedication to the “rocktronic” movement to new heights, PhaseOne introduces his very own record label, Sounds Of Mayhem Recordings.

The Intersection of Bass and Metal Music

Sounds Of Mayhem Recordings represents a convergence of bass and metal music, with a clear objective of delivering groundbreaking sounds that evoke a powerful sense of rage. The label’s essence embodies themes of freedom, anarchy, and pure enjoyment – qualities that PhaseOne has consistently showcased in his own artistic endeavors.

The Inaugural Release: Sounds Of Mayhem: The Uprising

To kickstart this thrilling venture, the label has unveiled its first release – a remarkable 8-track compilation carefully curated by PhaseOne himself. Entitled “Sounds Of Mayhem: The Uprising,” this compilation showcases exceptional contributions from renowned artists such as Akeos & Lusumi, Bainbridge & High Zombie, JEANIE & Dino Shadix, and many more. Immerse yourself in the high-octane project by streaming it below and remain vigilant for further genre-defying masterpieces from this extraordinary new label in the foreseeable future.