Unleashed: Terry Golden Drops Mind-Blowing 2-Track ‘Heartache’ EP – Prepare to Be Mesmerized!

Terry Golden just dropped his highly anticipated new EP called ‘Heartache,’ featuring two amazing singles. Released through ICONYC, this latest project from the up-and-coming producer brings a refreshing vibe, delivering some of the catchiest melodic house and techno tunes we’ve heard recently.

The title track of the EP kicks things off with pulsating beats, catchy hooks, and enchanting vocals. Following that, ‘Moon,’ the second track, keeps up the energy with punchy basslines and captivating melodies. This EP cements Terry Golden’s position as a noteworthy talent in the music scene. With backing from industry heavyweights like David Guetta and Benny Benassi, there’s no telling how far this artist can go.