Unleash the Unyielding Brilliance of Automhate’s “Robotico” EP

Embracing the Uncharted Territory of Dubstep

Dubstep enthusiasts have been anxiously anticipating the release of Automhate‘s highly-awaited EP, “Robotico.” Renowned for his relentless intensity, bone-rattling basslines, and audacious sound design, Automhate has established himself as a rising producer in the electronic music scene. Now, the talented artist has finally unleashed his latest creation through the prestigious label, DPMO, curated by Funtcase. This EP, comprising five groundbreaking tracks that defy the conventional boundaries of the genre, serves as a testament to Automhate’s mastery and dominance in the dubstep realm.

A Unique Musical Journey

Each track within the “Robotico” EP showcases Automhate’s distinctive style, characterized by thunderous basslines, intricate synth work, and an unwavering intensity that captivates listeners. With every beat and melody, Automhate takes the audience on a thrilling sonic odyssey, leaving them breathless and craving for more. Notably, the EP features collaborations with fellow artists Mad Dubz and Hukae, adding an extra layer of dimension to the release. Through these partnerships, Automhate demonstrates his seamless ability to merge his unique sound with the artistic visions of his peers, resulting in an unparalleled musical experience.

Fearless Exploration of Bass Music

With the “Robotico” EP, Automhate solidifies his reputation as an artist unafraid to venture into the depths of bass music. With each new release, he fearlessly pushes the boundaries of sound, taking his listeners on an exhilarating journey of sonic innovation. Automhate’s relentless pursuit of excellence shines through in this project, where he effortlessly merges his signature style with fresh elements, creating a captivating fusion that resonates with his audience.


Automhate’s “Robotico” EP is a testament to his unmatched talent and relentless dedication to pushing the limits of dubstep. Through thunderous basslines, intricate synth work, and an unwavering intensity, Automhate delivers an unforgettable musical experience that captivates and enthralls. Collaborations with Mad Dubz and Hukae further elevate the EP’s creative prowess, showcasing Automhate’s ability to merge his sound with the artistic visions of his peers. As an artist, Automhate continues to shape the future of bass music, captivating audiences with his innovative approach and unwavering commitment to sonic brilliance.