Unleash the sonic storm with Jimmy Pé’s electrifying ‘Blip Blop’ EP!

Renowned artist Jimmy Pé unveils his latest sonic masterpiece, the thunderous bass house EP, ‘Blip Blop,’ released under the esteemed Slow Roast Records banner. Pé’s musical journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, earning accolades from industry heavyweights like UZ, Lefto, and Daedelus. His noteworthy portfolio includes releases on distinguished labels such as Quality Goods Records and Saturate Records, a testament to his undeniable talent.

Having graced stages across the USA, India, and Europe, Jimmy Pé’s live performances at festivals like Sziget, Outlook, and Liverpool Sound City have solidified his status as a global musical force. Sharing the limelight with luminaries such as Hudson Mohawke, Four Tet, Thundercat, and Dorian Concept, Pé’s dynamic presence extends to club residencies in Bratislava and participation in the prestigious Red Bull Bass Camp.

The ‘Blip Blop’ EP, now available via Slow Roast Records, encapsulates Pé’s distinctive bass house prowess. Each track pulsates with an electrifying energy uniquely crafted by Jimmy himself. From the seismic bass of “Big PaPa” to the glitchy, video game-inspired vibe of “Electric” and the relentless drive of “Hot For You,” the EP is a testament to Pé’s multifaceted musical genius.

The accompanying music video for the title track, “Blip Blop,” stands as a visual marvel in Pé’s evolving artistic journey. Exceptional cinematography, rapid-fire editing, dynamic camera angles, thoughtfully curated costumes, and seamlessly integrated CGI converge to create a visually stunning narrative. This audio-visual symbiosis perfectly complements the heart-pounding bass-house soundtrack, marking ‘Blip Blop’ as a groundbreaking chapter in Jimmy Pé’s illustrious career.