Underoath Delivers World-Class Remix To Rezz & Grabbitz’ “Someone Else”

Rezz has collaborated with Underoath previously, on her Beyond The Senses EP in 2019 for “Falling.” Now, the metal group has returned for an explosive remix of her collaboration with Grabbitz, “Someone Else,” and we’re calling it now — this is one of the best remixes of the year. “Someone Else” is already a chart-topping hit and one of our favorite Rezz songs yet, in no small part due to Grabbitz, but Underoath seriously takes it up a notch. Thankfully, much of Grabbitz’ vocals remain intact, harmonized with Aaron Gillespie’s and Spencer Chamberlain’s vocals. On top of that, the original guitar is transposed to heavier, metal guitar riffs that both perfectly align with the original and elevate it to grand new heights.

There are a lot of similarities between the style of the remix and Bring Me The Horizon’s album Amo, no doubt due to the electronic influence found in both. Any fans of that album will absolutely love this remix, but it’s safe to say that any fan of Underoath in general should find this highly enjoyable. Check out the Underoath remix of “Someone Else” by Rezz & Grabbitz below!