Ultra Miami Not Offering Refunds for 2020… Here’s What You Get Instead

Ultra Music Festival has been “postponed” until 2021 — but the music festival isn’t offering full refunds. Below, the Festive Owl shares an email laying out the multiple future event perks for hopeful Ultra attendees. Unfortunately, there’s no explicit option to be refunded, but organizers have worked hard to provide an “extraordinary added value package.”

Any 2020 ticket holder may redeem the following benefits:

One ticket to Ultra Music Festival 2021 or 2022
An extra hour at Ultra Miami 2021
One free ticket to an Ultra Worldwide or Resistance event (excluding Miami) in 2021
A discount for 50% off up to $250 in merchandise
Exclusive access to $99.95 Premium GA private sale to Ultra Miami 2021
Exclusive access to buy two more GA passes at $249.95 for Ultra Miami 2021
Chance at 10 Ultra Golden Tickets that admit a +1

“ALL tickets purchased will of course remain valid and will be honored at either the 2021 or 2022 Ultra Miami event, at your option,” Ultra explains. “You will have 30 days to choose which Ultra Miami event you want to attend. Additionally, we are also working to offer a digital online Ultra experience as soon as possible.”

Ultra ticket holders on Reddit are furious with the company, which has attempted to sell patrons on even more items as they’re still forced to eat the cost of current hotel and flight bookings as a result of the cancellation. Others suggest that even though the option for a refund isn’t explicitly stated in the “Claim My Benefits” package, you might find more luck replying directly to the email or threatening a charge back.

Ultra Music Festival Offers Value Package

Thoughts? — @Ultra will not be offering any refund options due to #coronavirus “postponement” instead only offering multiple future event options.

— Festive Owl (@TheFestiveOwl) March 10, 2020

Photo via aLIVE Coverage for Ultra