Ultimate Hack: How To Remove A Festival Wristband [VIDEO]

Festival wristbands hold a lot of memories. Whether your band reads Electric Forest, CoachellaElectric Daisy Carnival, or any other music festival big or small — a wave of good vibes rushes over you every time you glance down on your wrist. Some people stack up their wristbands all summer long — or wear them for years, though we don’t know how sanitary this is. Others stash them away in a keepsake box or stitch old wristbands on clothing, create collages, art pieces and more.

But when it comes to getting them off, it can sometimes be impossible. You always run the risk of damaging the wristband — or even your wrist if it’s on too tightly! That was, until now. This life hack demonstrates how to remove a festival wristband with ease using nothing more than a plastic bag. We’ve heard of people doing this before, but this video proves that it’s a true breeze. It must be said — we certainly do not condone taking off bands to sneak people into events. Please, do not do that. Keeping wristbands as mementos when the festival wraps up, however, we totally support!

Watch here!

Life Hack: Remove Festival Wristband with Plastic Bag