UK Venues & Clubs Fear Social Distancing Is “Financially Unviable”

While some venues across the world are looking to reopen with social distancing practices in place, UK clubs find it may be “financially unviable” to reopen under such circumstances. According to a recent study conducted by the Night Time Industries Association, clubs, bars, venues, etc. across the UK are wary. Out of the 130 businesses surveyed, the majority expect to reopen at a 40-43% capacity and 63.8% believe they won’t be able to operate without financial support.

The pandemic has driven widespread uncertainty and “left the industry in an untenable position.” Only time will tell if nightlife post-lockdown can survive and what that looks like.

One respondent said, “Social distancing is incompatible with businesses selling social interaction. You do not go to a bar to get drunk. You go to a bar to socially interact with people. Asking hospitality businesses to practice social distancing is a bit like trying to sell someone a car they cannot drive.”

Another wrote, “They need to realise we cannot open partially whilst still paying all our bills. Electricity for 10 people [is] the same as 100. Atmosphere in pubs will be damaged and will do more harm than good.”

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