Types of Wedding Bands and How They Match Your Personality


A wedding ring is the only piece of jewelry any man would wear every day for the rest of his life. Therefore, why not choose something that will completely complement your personality and style? After all, you will have to live with your ring decision forever. Whenever it comes to purchasing, there are several options to find the best wedding band. There are plenty of custom shops that will make a custom ring that can be engraved and personalised. With countless metals and finishes to choose from, not to mention styles and aesthetics, here are some of the best wedding bands to help you start thinking creatively about your selection. This article will help you by suggesting the best wedding rings that will surely match your personality and style.

Gold Wedding bands

Choosing a classic gold or platinum men’s wedding rings without any added details is the most guaranteed way of getting a ring that will surely make you happy for as long as you are together. It will definitely match your looks and will never go out of style. Best suited to those who like to stick to tradition and like to go with the flow.

Alice Made This

Alice Made This

Bands with coin edge or twisted design

People who enjoy doing things a little differently must consider a wedding band which has more detail to make you feel special. Rather than opting a classic wedding band style, you can try a ring that has some unexpected elements like hammered metal, twisted designs or a coin edge. You will feel unique knowing your ring won’t match anyone else’s wedding band. These are best suited to those who are a little edgy, creative and alternative. They team with with tattoos and piercings too.

Platinum Bands

Do you enjoy being active in your life, whether at work or play? If so, a platinum wedding ring is certainly for you. Platinum is the best metal one can choose to protect against anything that life might throw at you. The product is extremely durable and gets stronger over time as the metal displaces and hardens each passing year. Suited to those tho like to live a luxurious life but prefer to keep things minimal and understated.

Colourful wedding bands

Men looking for something that is the opposite to your classic metal wedding band can consider adding some colours to the mix. Nowadays, many brands are offering rose gold and carbon fiber elements to create unique designs that give a much different look. If you’re not afraid of a little colour, then you could try looking for rings with carbon fiber details and mixed metal components. Best suited to the louder than life types; those extroverts with a bubbly and full character personality.

Alice Made This

Alice Made This


Those chaps who enjoy standing out from the crowd should think outside the box by focusing on wedding rings which feature diamonds. Who says diamonds are only a women’s best friend? Add some bling to your wedding ring so that it will sparkle from each and every angle, making you the centrepiece. Suited to those who like to flaunt their wealth or those who like to be the centre of attention.

Are you someone who appreciates the finer things in life? If you’re someone who always wants the best even when it comes to men’s wedding rings, then do ample research before making a purchase. There are many styles and designs that are available for wedding rings and you can choose from a wide selection at ease. The simplest, for you, is to choose the male equivalent of her wedding ring. You could let her choose your band. The plus point here lies in knowing that your beloved one likes the ring you’re wearing. Check out a jewelry store that you like and let the jeweler guide you in finding the best wedding band. Go online and review certain wedding rings that you and your partner like. This will give you an idea of what is considered a good wedding ring and what is not.

Alice Made This

Alice Made This

You will find many considerations that you must make when it comes to picking a wedding band. It’s an essential element to consider, especially if your occupation could damage the ring. Durability will always be a major concern for you if you’re active with your hands or strength train at the gym. You can always choose something that is excessively simple like the standard half-round band; It has a classic, clean look and never goes out of style, just like the standard gold wedding ring. For something that is more unique, do your research and speak to a professional or designer.