Types Of Stylish Heel Footwear You Should Understand

Heels are a girl’s best friend (okay, maybe after diamonds) and there’s no doubt about this. The right kind of heel shoes is a confidence booster as it changes your catwalk, thus making necks turn in admiration. Most of us just shop randomly without knowing that there’re diverse kinds of heels out there and then get bored at the uniformity of our footwear collection. The options in the heel section can be overwhelming with different designs season after season, making it hard to keep up. Get a push towards these must-have heel shoes and make them sit pretty where they rightfully belong–your closet.

Comma Heels

These playful heels would surely get second glances from the crowd, as they’re usually simple yet make a style statement. Just as the name implies, these heel shoes are shaped like a comma, but ironically lend a certain kind of stability.


Kitten Heels

If you’re big on comfy style, then kitten heels are the right choice. You don’t need to change into slippers at the slightest break or wobble when the spotlight is on you. They’re appropriate to wear to work and easy to switch from office to evening wear, which means there’s no need to pack two bags for that after-work hangout.

Decorative Heels

Who doesn’t need that extra stand-out feel to their shoes? Decorative heels are most definitely the heel shoes you should know because every wardrobe is missing something without them. The details are the best part of these shoes and if there’s a classy event around the corner, guess what shoes are leaving the rack, you got that right.

Wedge Heels

Of course we realize that the words comfort and heels usually don’t go very well together, but as far as tall shoes go, wedge heels are champions in that category. The wedged sole distributes weight evenly for a pleasant walking experience and a fashionable look.

Stiletto Heels

These sky high shoes put the sexy to just about any ensemble, although you might have to practice walking in them as this showstopper could abruptly stop your show. After countless minimalist looks, strike a balance with stiletto heels for that extra maximalist inches.



These open back trendy heel shoes come in different lengths and designs. From low to high heels, they can be strappy, exaggerated, or cover toe. Mules are undeniably a must have for every fashionista.

Sky High Platform Heels

As intimidating as they look, they’re super comfortable and of course tower high. That’s exactly what we need in 2021 to rise above a lot of obstacles. These platform heels are suitable all year round and are the perfect outing shoes. Also, there are some casual platform heels for that walk in the park and fiercer options for a night out with boo.

It’s almost impossible not to be sexy in heels, they’re pleasurable and indeed, we’re willing to sacrifice comfort momentarily for that glammed up fab. No pain, no gain!