Tynan Goes Over The Deep End With “Ducks On Acid”

We’re used to “serious” artists unexpectedly releasing a music that showcases their real-life personality. Dillon Francis, Kill The Noise, Salvatore Ganacci… to be honest, a lot of the old OWSLA crew earned a reputation for themselves with these kinds of pranks. Recently, music has been a little more serious in general, but we’re delighted that some of that ethos is still floating about, especially with TYNAN‘s new song, “Ducks On Acid.” It all started with a simple “what if…”

The music is, indeed, strange as heck. Modulated duck noises that we can only presume sound like what they might sound like if they came upon some mind-altering chemicals pervade the production, along with bouncing rhythms and glitchy synthesizers. It’s as entertaining as it is strange and bizarre, and we’re all for it. Check it out in the video below.