TYNAN Goes Outside His Comfort Zone For Super Anthem Remix

TYNAN, by and large, is known for his heavy bass music. Even when he ventures into the world of house like with Jauz on “Bring Em Back” or “Diggid,” he still brings that hard edge. However, for his new remix of “Strangers” by Stereo Jane, he definitely went out of his comfort zone and ended up with something truly incredible.

The producer calls it a “production exercise,” but if that’s the case, then he’s already ready to go up a weight class, if we’re to continue the metaphor. The original is an emphatic vocal performance from Stereo Jane with an instrumental to back it; but at the end of the day, the song is really about her voice. TYNAN zeroes in her voice and transforms the slower, more melancholic original into a high-tier party anthem with a brighter progression, higher tempo, and more exciting synths. Stereo Jane says of the remix, “It’s so awesome getting to hear Strangers in a whole different genre. Tynan did an amazing job and we’re so stoked about this remix!”

Check out the song below!