Tycho-Designed Web App Generates Playlists Based On Your Local Weather

Let me set the scene… it’s 83° in LA with a slight breeze. Not quite hot enough to be miserable, but definitely warranting some A/C or maybe an afternoon dip in the pool. You’re relaxing out in your backyard, but it’s missing something: music. You head to Spotify and look for a good weather-related mood playlist, but nothing quite hits the spot. Enter Tycho and his Forecast web app.

Tycho is a lauded producer/DJ and excellent curator of music, so why not trust him with your climate-related listening? His new web app called Forecast uses your location data and current weather to craft the perfect playlist for you. Best of all, you can keep going back as the weather changes and get a new selection of songs ad infinitum.

Getting it is simple — go to the web app and allow it to know your location. Tap the sun, and it makes the playlist for you. From there, you can save it to either Spotify or Apple Music.

Check out my 83° in LA playlist below for an idea of what it’ll pick out!

Photo via aLive Coverage