Ty Glascoe Releases Single “Don’t Wanna Sleep Alone (feat. Nahlige)

Ty Glascoe’s song, “Don’t Won’t to Sleep Alone” had a nice beat and an enduring sound that your mind continues to repeat long after the song ends. It was smooth and infectious, genuinely nice. The lyrics were simple, but real, speaking to a common issue suffered by disagreeing couples. It’s an issue many can relate to.

“Got a way to get you here tonight, before the light…” leads to
Nahlige adding his voice to explain how the evening will progress, “You’re coming over in a red dress, I’ll take it off, sure to spend the night…”

The song has a steady beat repeated throughout the whole trac. It has no hook, no buildup. It is a simple chorus and verse song, but make no mistake, while simple in its construction, you will move and is hard to resist shaking or popping something. when this song is on.

The Chorus: “You should get the…off my phone, you should get to my home, cause I don’t won’t to sleep alone tonight.” Simple, but makes its point through its simplicity.

“Don’t Want to Sleep Alone Tonight” is a beautifully written song with a nice flow composed of verse, a hook, refrain, and a nice chorus: Struggling alone, get the… off my phone. Cause I don’t want to sleep alone tonight.”