Tweed Hair Is the Beautiful Balayage Trick That’s Taking Over Instagram

The ideal fall hair color is rich, dimensional and low-maintenance. And while most of us opt to go darker for fall, this season we’ve developed a little blond ambition. Our inspo? Tweed.

Chicago colorist Rex Jimieson popularized the tweed hair concept, a new way of creating a distinctive balayage that promises to lift any basic blond shade. Tweed hair plays up the contrast between dark and light shades without any standout patches.

According to Jimieson’s Instagram, tweed hair should fill up your mane by creating the illusion of volume with your base color and highlights staying within three levels of each other. His last tip? Incorporate your natural undertones so it’s easier to keep up.

Check out below to see what all the fuss is about.

Lived-In Look

The whole point of tweed hair is for it to look natural. The soft highlights here are so subtle, they’re almost invisible.

Image: @hellobalayage

Bring On the Babylights

Highlight a glossy clavicle bob with tweed babylights. It’s two trends in one.

Image: @_dylus_

Totally Tweed

This balayage combines luscious brown with the lightness of sandy blonde for an effortless blended look.

Image: @chels_e_lynne

Beautiful Blend

A stunning ombre that incorporates the best of light and dark tones to create a flawless golden lift. Notice how the darker gradient is set up so the golden highlights don’t look out of place.

Image: @hairstyle_byhasmik

Sweet Shade

Honey blond highlights are the subdued secret to tweed hair. Embracing your darker roots and starting the highlights mid-shaft help bring out the richness of the honey hue.


Blond Brunette

Brighten up your brunette locks with a touch of tweed. Sun-kissed highlights FTW.

Image: @blowcutdie