Tulsa Rising Rap Artist GTG Big Smash has won over hearts of everyone with his new track ‘Pocket Watchin’

Get your ultimate dose of adrenaline through the engaging track ‘Pocket Watchin’ crafted by the Tulsa rising rap artist GTG Big $mash and produced by Apollo Young. Coming across the tremendously talented rap artist GTG Big $mash is probably one of the best things ever happened to my music playlist. He has always been an admirer of authentic music-making and his latest track ‘Pocket Watchin’ is its ultimate proof. The persistent flow of fascinating beats of the track impressed me the most. It is something that I had witnessed in many tracks but the presentation here is way different compared to any other track. This is the kind of track that I was looking forward to receiving from this Tulsa rising rap artist. As a true fan of this genre, it was hard for me to take my ears off this track.

From the hard-hitting beats to the weighty bars – every contributing element played its part perfectly, leading to the ultimate enchantment, something that I can never resist. The performance of GTG Big $mash is undeniably supreme and charming, to say the least. Nothing can be taken away from the producer Apollo Young. Working under Distrokid, he has done a great job too. ‘Pocket Watchin’ is treating for the fans of this genre. Listening to this track was a blissful experience, something I would cherish for the rest of my lifetime.

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