Troyboi Unveils Latest EP ‘Say Less’

After the recent release of his single “Makin’ Moves” featuring Mr. Carmack, Troyboi returns with a brand new EP titled “Say Less.” The EP hosts four original tracks from the artist himself and is sure to please fans of his previous work.

Troyboi‘s signature sound is on full display in “Say Less,” with haunting mid-20th-century Latin-American opera vocals sampled and layered over heavy trap 808s. The EP showcases the artist’s ability to deliver the sound that his fans crave.

The EP is a must-listen for anyone who loves Troyboi’s unique blend of trap and experimental electronic music. The four tracks in the EP are all original compositions, and each one offers something new and exciting for listeners to discover.

Overall, “Say Less” is a fantastic addition to Troyboi’s already impressive discography. The EP demonstrates his versatility and creativity as an artist and is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates innovative and boundary-pushing electronic music.