TroyBoi Explores New Territory with “4 ON DA FLOOR” House-Focused EP

Known for his electrifying signature sound, TroyBoi takes a bold step into the realm of house music with his latest EP, “4 ON DA FLOOR.” True to TroyBoi’s reputation, “4 ON DA FLOOR” delivers a collection of infectious house tracks designed to ignite dancefloors worldwide. The EP marks a departure from his traditional trap style, introducing tracks like “Dhunga” and “Híbrido,” released in April and May respectively, to ease fans into this new sonic direction.

Highlighting the EP are standout tracks “Viper” and “Petrunko.” “Viper” combines house beats with reggaeton influences, featuring the vibrant vocals of Puerto Rican artist Guaynaa. The track’s energetic rhythm and lively trumpets create an irresistible dance atmosphere. On the other hand, “Petrunko” returns to TroyBoi’s roots with a slower yet equally euphoric trap arrangement, showcasing his distinctive vocal chops amidst whimsical soundscapes.

With “4 ON DA FLOOR,” TroyBoi not only expands his musical horizons but also retains his signature sultry vibe that resonates throughout his diverse catalog. This EP solidifies TroyBoi’s status as a boundary-pushing producer in the electronic music scene.