Tron 3 In Development With Jared Leto, & Daft Punk To Score

It’s been 10 years since Tron: Legacy, seven years since we last heard new music from Daft Punk, but that could all be changing soon as @DRMovieNews1, a reputable source for movie news leaks, reports. The movie news account claims that Disney has confirmed that ‘Tron 3’ is in development, info that comes from The Dis Insider. Jared Leto is also reportedly in talks to star, and the studio is “hopeful” that Legacy director Joseph Kosinski returns, as well as Daft Punk for the score.

Right now, however, everything about the film is muddled in rumors. The Legacy cast might return, Daft Punk might return, the director might return, it might be a rejuvenation of the cancelled ‘Tron: Ascension’ … nothing is set in stone.

But for a movie that pulled in $400 million at the box office and has had fans begging for a sequel ever since, it’s mindblowing there hasn’t been one yet. Let’s take this with a grain of salt, but we’re still on the edge of our seats.

MORE INFO via @TheDisInsider:

• More of a “sequel” than a “reboot”
• ‘Tron: Legacy’ cast could return
• COULD be a rejuvenation of the cancelled ‘Tron: Ascension’ which saw “The Grid invade the real world” & feature a rumored character named Ares

— DR Movie News 📽 (@DRMovieNews1) July 7, 2020