Tripp St.’s Gallery of Sound EP: A Must-Listen for Bass Music Fans

Tripp St., the breakout music producer who wowed us with his viral hit “Lemonade,” is once again raising the bar with his latest project, the Gallery of Sound EP. Released under the acclaimed WAKAAN label, this six-track masterpiece showcases Tripp St.’s incredible talent in creating an eclectic mix of freeform bass production, funk, and hip hop samples.

From the moment you press play, the EP takes you on a journey through Tripp St.’s signature sound, which seamlessly blends intricate bass lines with groovy melodies and infectious rhythms. Each track on the Gallery of Sound EP offers a unique experience, making it impossible to pick a favorite.

If you’re a fan of bass music, this EP is a must-listen. Tripp St. has truly outdone himself with this release, and we can’t wait to see where his sound takes us next. Get ready to be blown away by the Gallery of Sound.

Tripp St. – Gallery of Sound (EP)