Trendy Winter Boots You Should Wear Right Now

Winter weather necessitates a different level of zeal to face the day, especially for those who want to maintain their style reputation. Aside from the love-hate relationship with snow, coordinating your outfits and, most importantly, selecting the right winter boots can feel like a herculean task. It should come as no surprise that as the weather cools, all shoes except boots are relegated to the back of the closet. It’s only for the brave of heart to expose their frail toes to the season’s eager frosty grip. This natural displacement has winter boots lined up at the front in a haughty manner, and I’m sure they’ll be chosen again to strut the streets.

Cowboy Boots

These boots are extremely comfortable, stylish, and elicit a sense of the great outdoors. Rocking them makes you feel like you’re outside, even if you’re inside your office. They can also withstand the cold and breeze through a commute with little effort.

Thigh High Boots

The playsuits and mini leather skirts may scoff at you the next time you buy a long knitwear dress under the guise of it being cold outside. If the mini route is chosen, wearing a mini piece and pairing it with tall boots adds the extra warmth and sass needed to stay stylish and, well, alive.

Combat Boots

Since the fashion industry adopted comfort as a key requirement, a new era has emerged. Combat boots have comfort and style on their menu, and I am beyond pleased. When styling these utilitarian and feminine boots, consider leaning in on the casual premise. However, the decision is entirely yours.

Cuban Winter Boots

The Cuban heel boot made a strong comeback last year and is still going strong. Depending on preference and styling, these versatile boots can be easily blended into a high fashion fit or a relaxed casual glam.

Chunky Heeled Boots

No matter how friendly the snow is, no one wants to walk into it with exposed feet. Second, it appears that avoiding the wet shoe situation is highly recommended. Everyone wants a pair of these office-to-brunch winter boots this season.

Featured image: ljtia | Instagram