Trends In Health And Wellness In 2022

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After two years of seeing people become ill and face a variety of difficulties, the world is slowly but surely healing. Among them are a slew of health and wellness movements inspired by a well-being revolution fueled by the Covid-19 epidemic. Being as healthy as possible should be translated into behaviors and habits. We consider all of the things we can do to live healthier lives, which range from eating sustainable foods and using wellness tools to prioritizing mental health – all of which are at the forefront of the issue of one’s health.

Here Are Some Of The Health And Wellness Trends That Are Predicted To Gain Traction In 2022

Digital Healthcare

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We may have grumbled or feared the difficulty and trouble of scheduling appointments and traveling to the doctor’s office. People may even feel safer from diseases if they avoid physical clinics and hospitals where unknown, hazardous microorganisms may be present. Furthermore, some homebodies may be uncomfortable leaving their homes and prefer to rely on the internet.

With the possibility of lockdowns, internet healthcare services have been more popular than ever in recent years. Virtual consultations with health experts, ranging from doctors and therapists to nutritionists and personal trainers, are now possible. Having performed admirably thus far, this system is likely to continue this year and even for the next decade, unless something better emerges.

Tracking Vitals

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Of course, with today’s modern technology, we can’t ignore the benefits of better comprehending our daily vitals. We can measure stress levels in addition to sleep, exercise, and oxygen levels. Mobile apps and smartwatches, such as the TAG Heuer Connect, Apple Watch, and Google Watch, are adept at detecting stress via heart rate variability. It detects minor heartbeat changes and alerts us if we are experiencing a stressful day. And with that, it informs us it’s time to unwind and assists us in maintaining a more balanced lifestyle.

The Fitbit Sense, in particular, is good at expressing the strain and pressures placed on the body following exercises, as well as demonstrating how we might navigate optimal healing. It is expected that more people will employ increasingly advanced technology for health and convenience in the coming years.

Discovering DNA

The possibility of utilizing DNA to establish health risks and ancestry has long existed. This investigation looks for links between wellbeing and health using data on cancer risks, genetic predispositions, and other factors. It helps us to recognize potential hazards and make more smart decisions about lifestyle adjustments.

Image: Circle DNA

Perhaps it was the marketing or the fact that we were looking for things to do while cooped up at home, but the concept has gotten a lot more attention in the last few years. CircleDNA, known as the world’s most complete DNA test, is still thriving and is a great place to start for anybody looking to enhance their health and wellness with personalized findings.

Putting Mental Health First

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Since the beginning of the epidemic, increased emphasis has been placed on the necessity of mental health services and support. The World Health Organization (WHO) issued a research brief in March 2022 claiming that the “global prevalence of anxiety and depression” climbed by 25% in the first year of Covid-19.

Whether it’s practicing relaxation techniques or maintaining mood journals, self-care is an increasing trend, particularly among Millennials and Generation Z. Some health professionals believe that individuals will pay closer attention to their mental health this year, as it remains a priority.

Remote Work And Flexible Schedules

The days of spending three hours going to and from the workplace and working nonstop for more than five days a week are over. The epidemic has more than demonstrated the efficacy of remote work or working from home.

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Following the epidemic, more people realized the need of having a healthy work-life balance and took more significant risks in their careers. Employees are less ready to commit and give up valuable time if the company is not flexible, empathetic, or lacks health programs in place.

According to Forbes, the present generation of adults desires autonomy and independence, as well as appropriate, individualized workstyles and hours. We are approaching a moment of fast change, and teams are not doing things just because that is how they have always done them. The new adage is “work smart, not hard.”

Wellness Tools

The beauty and lifestyle sectors were not left out of the health discussion. Massage guns, personal EKG scanners, self-purifying water bottles, and red light therapy gadgets are examples of inventive, portable products that enhance one’s well-being wherever they are and for a variety of purposes. There is a greater emphasis on sexual health and how toys may foster more aware and inclusive interactions.

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Face yoga and sculpting are also becoming increasingly popular and frequent in the beauty industry. When beauty gurus introduced massage treatment and Gua Sha stones for faces, the internet world, particularly TikTok, went into a frenzy. Exercises that stimulate the skin, muscles, and lymphatic system can all help to eliminate stress lines, tone facial muscles, enhance the look of the face, and boost circulation and blood flow. Meanwhile, the Gua Sha, when used with Face Yoga, provides skincare benefits such as combating acne scars, decreasing puffiness and dark spots, and encouraging lymphatic drainage.

Food For The Gut And Mind

According to the multinational health insurance firm BUPA, Google searches for ‘gut health’ grew by 83%, while searches for ‘gut brain axis’ increased by 60%. Beginning in 2022, it is projected that more individuals will pay attention to gut health. In an ideal world, humans would have a balanced gastrointestinal system with both beneficial and harmful microorganisms. This will ensure painless digestion, a healthy heart and brain, and assist in the battle against hazardous germs and infections.

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Immune Health is important in addition to regular exercise, excellent sleep hygiene, and avoiding processed meals. Fruits, vegetables, proteins, healthy grains, low-fat dairy meals, probiotics, nutritional yeasts, and active substances are all part of it. According to Harvard Health dietitians, a healthy diet and certain foods are among the greatest for increasing brainpower. Even as we age, it is critical to maintain our minds in shape.

Sustainable Foods

Plant-based diets are also on the rise this year. Following the release of a slew of vegan films and the thriving Impossible Foods, more people are trying to cut their meat intake and eat more responsibly. A plant-based diet does not have to be vegetarian; there are a variety of options available, ranging from the Mediterranean to the Pescatarian diet.

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Those with a green thumb may even want to consider starting their own food garden. This farm-to-table journey may be both soothing and fulfilling. Other advantages include increased family time and reduced dependency on supply networks.

Travel For Regeneration

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Taking calming crystal baths or watching their favorite shows may not be enough for some people to de-stress. In such scenario, tasting new meals and engaging in different activities all around the world might be just what the doctor ordered. Giving back to the system from which we gain is at the heart of regenerative travel. It has grown in popularity as eco-friendly techniques and environmental responsibility have become increasingly important to tourists and local communities. Top spas, resorts, and hotel destinations are increasingly emphasizing connections with nature. As a consequence, the catalyst produces social, economic, and environmental wealth.