Travis Scott’s Fortnite debut draws 12.3 million users, tops Marshmello

travis scott

Marshmello set a precedent with his massive Fortnite concert in early 2019, drawing 10.7 million users into the game to watch the virtual show. Now, Travis Scott has topped that record with 12.3 million during his Astronomical event in-game yesterday. The event also continues today and tomorrow. Even more impressive, that number doesn’t even account for the number of people who were watching streams of the event via personalities like Ninja on Twitch (video below).

Travis Scott “performed” hits like “Sicko Mode,” “Goosebumps,” and “Highest In The Room.” He finished the event with the debut of his new collaboration with Kid Cudi, “THE SCOTTS.”

Watch the stream and check the video for “THE SCOTTS” below.