Top Tips for Getting a Tattoo to Suit Your Style

Body arts are among the oldest forms through which humankind would express their feelings. As per the history, ancestors dating back to the era of the caves had their bodies covered in tattoos. The tradition still exists, and the only difference is that today, technology has advanced and the act of getting a tattoo has become less complicated.

These tech advancements have seen more and more people putting permanent art on their bodies. You will rarely walk along the streets without catching a glimpse of someone with a tattoo. Social media is filled with photos of typical people and celebrities posing with their own skin ink. Getting a decoration on the skin is a complex decision you’ve to make as the ink is meant to remain there permanently. Therefore, thought and deliberation (and planning) needs to be done to avoid regretting it a few days later. Without saying much, here are some pieces of advice from professionals on how to get a design that suits your taste and style.

Listen to the tattooist

There is an old saying that insists mums always know what’s best for their kids. Well, it’s not that they know everything, but they have lived long enough to know what is best for you. The case is similar for tattoo artists as most of their designs have been drawn before you were born. In other words, tattooists have experience with art, and you are advised to listen to what they have to say before making the final decision. You must never assume that artists open a shop to make money alone. They’re also passionate about skin decoration. When visiting an tattoo studio, you only have a picture or an idea of what you want. On the other hand, the tattooist can help you draw the final image before it’s applied to your body. During this moment the shop owner can help you with colours, size, and the desired position. Remember, such things play a crucial role in determining the final product. For example, you may be in love with a specific pattern or style, but the colour theme fails to complement your complexion. On such an instance, the tattooist can help you come up with a different colour theme that matches your body colour. You must therefore, listen to every idea they give you to prevent disappointment.

Pick the perfect tattooist

Today, you will rarely walk down a high street without bumping into a tattoo studio. Well, with the ever-growing demand for tattoos, the rising number of shops is acceptable. When it comes to getting a tattoo you must ensure that you hire the services of a pro. Unfortunately, choosing the right artist can be challenging owing to the high number of players in the game. First thing first, you must know that all tattooists are never and can never be the same. Besides, no single drawer is good at everything. For example, one painter may be perfect at portraits, but not that good at Gothic illustration. Therefore, you must research the various artists to help narrow your options. Almost every tattooist has social media pages and websites where they post photos of their previous work. A dive into the tattoo artist’s pages can help you find someone with skills in your particular design. You can ask friends who have great tattoos for suggestions. Also to note, you can consult with the studios and a legit tattoo shop owner will always refer you to a different one if they find out that they aren’t good with the particular piece you desire.

Always tip your guy

A tip acts as a motivation to the staff and is an acknowledgement of the quality services you’ve received. For example, you will rarely leave a restaurant without tipping the waiter. So, tipping your tattoo artist is recommended too. The tip will act as an appreciation for the excellent work done on your body. Although you pay for the art, a tip can go well when added to the final bill. Many first timers are always asking how much they should tip. First, you must consider your financial state, and that means you must never tip more than what you can afford. A shallow dive at different tipping guides will tell you to stick with 20-30 percent of your final price. The vital thing you must know is when to tip and when you shouldn’t. Some tattoos may need several sessions to complete, and this doesn’t mean you go giving tips after every session. It’s advisable to provide the tip once the job is done entirely.

After care is vital

The work doesn’t end with the tattooist completing the art on your skin. There is a lot of essential aftercare required for the healing process. The healing process is your responsibility, and it means a lot to the final artwork. The guys at the tattoo shop will always guide you on how to take care of the ink until it’s fully healed. Remember, tattooing involves using a needle and ink, and that means some small wounds. That’s why you’re always advised to wash the area daily to prevent infections. The cleaning process may be a pain in the ass, but it’s worth every inch. A small infection can lead to a severe condition if left untreated. You are also advised to keep it away from the sun, as exposing it can fade its colour.

Pay for quality

When you get work done to your house you’re likely to get different quotations according to alternative materials used. Well, a tattoo studio is a business like any other, and therefore, you must understand the price differences. Some artists may offer small figures and discounts because they are new to the industry and hence need more customers. On the other end, some professionals may offer fixed prices because they understand the game and have decades of experience. Thus, it’s advisable to go to a reputable shop and ignore price tags. Also, keep in mind that you don’t want to go cheap with something that will be on your skin for a lifetime. Hence, you must be prepared to part with a significant figure. It’s during this moment that many people make the mistake of choosing the cheapest option and end up paying more to have it removed or corrected.