Too Kind – Crash (The Remixes)

There are very few bass music producers that have been as exciting to follow through the last few months as Jared Diaz, better known by his stage name Too Kind. A year ago, Diaz wasn’t much more than a bedroom producer with a big dream and a killer personality. More recently, he is admired as one of the most promising up-and-comers around, managing to pump out a variety of unique bass music tunes, while landing himself on lineups among the greats at EDC Orlando and Okeechobee.

While there were many steps on Too Kind’s road to success, one of the major landmarks was the release of his original “Crash” last October. The song was –and still is– a hefty piece of hybrid trap, which hit listeners with face-melting hard trap screeches, followed by some assaulting dubstep wobbles (a switch-up that spawned a streak of “CALM DOWN” comments on SoundCloud). Needless to say “Crash” was a bit of a strange release for someone whose brand is centered around his unrelenting friendliness, but it did mark the beginning of a great stage for Too Kind. Because of this, it should be no surprise that the song ended up being Diaz’s first to receive a full-fledged remix package.

Available everywhere tomorrow, Crash (The Remixes) serves as a testament to both Diaz’s diversity as an artist and his desire to bring deserving up-and-comers into the limelight. Even with eight different names on the package, no two remixes sound alike, and somehow not a single remix sounds all that much like the original song. The EP feels more like a collaborative effort between Too Kind and friends, with each remix using elements of Diaz’s original production, but also somewhat taking on their own identity. It may even be the first remix package in history that can be comfortably listened to in one sitting. It really is that diverse.

There’s something for everyone here. Will you fall for the glitchy hybrid style of Archiived, the hypnotic beats of Lizzy Jane, or the piercing electro stabs of Lawz? Will you bang your head to PLSMA‘s remix or shuffle to Burn1‘s? Perhaps you want to get your mind blown by 14-year-old Moore Kismet‘s impressive sound design, or just chill out with a funky fresh take from Grant Lee & Doctor Boom. Whatever the case may be, we sincerely hope you find something that suits your fancy. Listen to Crash (The Remixes) below