Tones and I portrays emotive lyricism through the latest release ‘Bad Child’

Tones and I is all set to reach the top again with his latest music video ‘Bad Child’. Showcasing the melancholy condition of children, the music video speaks a lot. The ‘Dance Monkey’ fame Australian singer cum producer, Tones and I recently released the music video of her new track. Having crafted a track that has amassed 1.2 billion streams on Spotify and reached the top of almost all the international charts, the artist came up with two new singles, ‘Bad Child’ and ‘You Can’t Be Happy All The Time’.

Directed under the visionary creators Liam Kelly and Nick Kozakis, the music video of the first one pivots the life of two children who do not feel comfortable in the grand mansion of their family. One of the kids is seen to wear the signature baseball cap of Tones, making her presence felt in the visual display. The kid gets baffled amidst the darkness of the house and is looking to get out of the house and its gloomy nature. As suggested by the title, the premise is filled with sadness.

As mentioned by the artist herself, she had always wanted to write a track from someone else’s point of view and with this track, she has been able to fulfill the desire. Through this track, Toni Watson or Tones and I has portrayed a dark fragment of life with the words, ‘My family always said I was the bad child, throwing me away into the bad pile’. Well, the emotions are strong here and the artist has perfectly expressed that through emotive lyricism. The vocals complement the premise of the track and the music video perfectly, giving more than enough reasons to stay. The audience can easily connect to the track, as a result, the video of ‘Bad Child’ is receiving a lot of praise from the global industry as the number of viewers is increasing with each passing day. You can reach out to her through her official website.

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