Tomorrowland Winter Will Not Be Affected By Coronavirus Event Ban

Tomorrowland Winter is educating hopeful attendees on the current coronavirus (COVID-19) advisory and protocol for the upcoming music festival set in the French Alpe d’Huez.

From the sounds of it, the event will go on as planned, according to the official Tomorrowland Winter website:

Given the current situation, there is no reason to expect that the festival will not be able to take place. As long as there is no negative advice from the authorities or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not issue a negative travel advisory, the festival will be held and the standard conditions for cancellation will therefore apply. Details are available in the terms and conditions of sale.

This comes as the number of coronavirus cases in France rises to 130, with 116 of those individuals being treated in the hospital. In France, 12 patients have fully recovered from the virus and two died.

Just like its flagship event, Tomorrowland’s winter installment attracts music fans from all over the world. Attendees should take precaution to avoid spreading the virus, just as they would the common flu.

It is important to follow the standard measures recommended by organisations such as the WHO that apply to all viruses that can cause flu and colds: wash your hands regularly; use paper tissues; sneeze and cough into the crease of your elbow. We will also communicate these recommendations.

Tomorrowland Winter takes place March 14 – 21, 2020.

Source: The Local | Photo via Fille Roelants for Tomorrowland Winter

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