Tomorrowland Winter 2021 Offering Discounted Tickets In Wake Of Cancellation

Tomorrowland Winter was officially cancelled early yesterday morning in light of the coronavirus outbreak and the difficulty thousands of attendees and DJs might have traveling to the festival, coupled with widespread event bans in France. However, there is some positive news coming out of the cancellation. In an email distributed to ticket holders following the announcement, Tomorrowland lays out modifications to its festival package. While the festival ticket (€275 per person) will be fully refunded, lodging and 7-day ski-passes will remain valid.

“The resort and the mountain restaurants want to keep a festive and musical spirit by hosting several DJ sets on their terraces. Several activities will also be offered throughout the week and all visitors will have free access to the resort’s sports complex, swimming pool, and ice rink.”

In addition, Tomorrowland Winter ticket holders will receive first option to book a festival ticket for next year with a 10% discount, the possibility to buy a ticket for flagship Tomorrowland in Belgium next year “during a dedicated sales moment,” as well as a €50 gift voucher for the TML by Tomorrowland webshop. The email apparently does not explicitly lay out an option for a full refund if you do not wish to keep your lodging and ski-pass package; other Redditors have recommended replying to the email to directly address the situation.

Email from TML regarding the refund situation for 7 day package from Tomorrowland

Email from TML regarding the refund situation for 7 day package
byu/MegatronK95 inTomorrowland

H/T We Rave You | Photo via Fille Roelants for Tomorrowland Winter